Our Team

Our team is highly qualified and have years of experience. All our team work in the rooms with the children, including our management team.


Faye Wilson

Nursery Owner

Faye Wilson is committed to helping children explore and learn in a hands on environment. Faye has over 25 years experience working with young children.  Faye loves nothing more than seeing the growth and development of the children. Faye also had two children who attended the setting when they were younger.

Ellen Jackson

Nursery Manager

Ellen has worked in childcare for over 20 years, Ellen has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and help put that in practice in our nursery. Ellen is very hands on and loves messy play. Ellen is an amazing manager and is such an inspiration to all our staff.

Jessica Bennett

Deputy Manager/ Senco

Jessica is an amazing asset for Chuckles Private Day Nursery. Jessica's warmth, creativity and drive makes them a great colleague and a perfect fit as a SENCO Specialist. Not only does Jessica love been a mum to her son, she loves seeing how her input into the nursery helps the children develop. Jessica has over 15 years of experience in childcare.

Amanda Stanley

Baby/ Toddler Supervisor

Amanda is our supervisor for our under three's and has over 20 years experience of working with children. Amanda loves nothing more than joining in with activites unless it involves bugs. Amanda bring so much happiness to the nursery, she loves to help the children gain the skills they will need for the future.

Leah shepherd

Nursery Practitioner

Leah's warmth, creativity and drive are second to none. Leah has been working with children for nearly 20 years and loves to see the children thrive in the learning journey at Chuckles. Leah never stops, she is always on the go and thinking of new activities and great ideas for the children to enjoy in nursery.

Sidra Ashfaq

Nursery Practitioner

When Sidra joined Chuckles she had just started in childcare, since then she has blossomed into an amazing worker and the children love her.
Sidra has now been working in childcare for 4 years.

Kimberley Mortimer

Nursery Nurse

Kim joined us in July 21, she has over 6 years of experience working with children. Kim loves to plan activites to help the children learn and explore about the world around them.

Shannai Furness

Nursery Assistant Practitioner

Shannai joined our team in January 21.Shannai loves being creative and we have already seen some amazing things from Shannai. The children run and shout her name as soon as she arrives at nursery.

Rebecca Brooks

Nursery Cook/ Nursery Assistant Practitioner

Rebecca has worked as a cook for around 10 years now, she is passoniate about children eating healthy.
Rebecca ensure all nursery meals are well balanced and ensures the children have what they need to help them develop. She also makes an amazing bread and butter pudding.