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Yoga Classes

Our classes are the perfect way to enhance a child’s early learning and development through storytelling, action songs. Yoga is such an important part of any child’s life as it helps them to feel much more aware of their body and mind as they grow and develop. Our weekly yoga classes will bring these exercises and breathing techniques  in a relaxed and structured environment.

The classes are fun, engaging, and inspiring! The children will learn tools and skills to help them throughout their life, not just physical development but ways to deal with their emotions and general life growing up. Teaching children to be aware of the important connection between mind and body allows them to tune inwards and listen to when their body or mind is telling them something.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Benefits of Yoga:​

• Supports children’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
• Encourages social interaction and Increases self-confidence.
• Actively encourages self-expression and creativity.
• Develops coordination and improves balance.
• Develops listening skills, the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration.
• Helps children to find their breath and to use breathing to channel their emotions

Children love to practise tree pose. Balance is a key element of yoga originally designed to promote mental and physical connection, as mental clarity and stability emerge from the effort of trying the poses. Even if a child has difficulty standing on one foot, they learn mental and physical balance if they can stay calm when they fall and try again (extra points for wobbles and falls).

Yoga is known to boost children’s self-esteem. Perfecting a pose or improving their balance and flexibility can give young children a sense of personal empowerment. Children strengthen their growing body and improve their flexibility, which helps them to enjoy other sports or activities, such as football or swimming.

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