Here at Chuckles are committed to giving our children a healthy and well balanced diet. Research has proved that a healthy diet helps children develop better and learn more easily. All meals are cooked onsite from fresh high quality ingredients. We take great care in providing a good balanced menu. Various fresh healthy snacks are available throughout the day,  along with cooled filtered water even though in a recent poll of the children they all want chocolate available all day instead!!!

Healthy eating is not just about what we put on the plate. We believe it is about educating children and giving them the knowledge and independence to make healthy choices that will set them up for their future.

Meal times are a very special time for children and help encourage many social skills. Our preschool room is self service at meal times this helps the older children learn independence and give them confidence.


We cater for all diets, religions and special dietary requirements that your child may have.

What our menus do:
- Celebrate and raise awareness of diversity
- Celebrate our own culture and promote understanding of  others
- Meet curriculum requirements
- Enrich children’s experiences
- Encourage and enable children to try new foods
- Encourage parents to become more involved by sharing recipes