Our baby room cares for babies up to 30 months giving them the best possible start in their lives. Our staffing ratio of 1 qualified member of staff to 3 babies. This room has a separate sleep/sensory quiet room. Our baby room has a fully enclosed outside play area to allow playful learning. They have lots of space and opportunity to explore and take part in sensory play, singing, music and movement activities and have access to our fully enclosed baby outside play area.


Our babies love heuristic play, heuristic play is based on natural curiosity (heuristic means ‘to find out’). As babies grow, they move beyond just feeling and pondering things, to wanting to find out what can be done with them and how they can change them.

The materials used during heuristic play are free of detail, which encourages children’s imaginations to blossom. A child using a plastic tube as a tunnel for instance is demonstrating an active imagination.

Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’.

Not only does imagination add a rich dimension to children’s lives, it is also key to understanding the feelings of others.


Our baby room wouldn’t be quite right without the sound of nursery rhymes, singing and laughter.  Whether in groups or during routines such as meal times we embrace every opportunity to develop our rhythm and vocabulary through a good song.


Our baby room wouldn’t be complete without our beautiful family of fish, our fish help the baby room be a happy and tranquil setting for new and existing babies to relax and feel at home.