All our learning at Chuckles Private Day Nursery is based around the EYFS, this is a development framework set out by the government.
This helps the staff to ensure all children development is on track and the children are meeting development all stages.
The management team track the development of all children on a termly basis, this is to see if there are any areas of learning that has been identified of concern. The management and staff will then put an action plan in place for for any areas of learning that need to be focused on to help the children develop on. 
Our staff help the children to learn by providing them with educational activities, and different experiences through topic and events.


Under three's

As well as learning through active play, much of our under-3s’ learning stems from their drive to investigate their surroundings with all their senses. This includes fun with water, sand and other malleable materials.

Floor easels support early mark-making and finger painting, which are large-motor and sensory experiences at this age.

Image by luis arias


Children are naturally eager to learn about the world and everything in it.

When their interest is engaged, they push the boundaries of their knowledge, hungry for more. We tune in to each individual child’s curiosity and nurture it.

Imagination’s significance cannot be overstated as children are the world’s future inventors, scientists, writers, thinkers and leaders.

Outdoor Play

Children need to move. Body and brain develop together, and physical development occurs through using the body, moving it in space and gravity.

We understand the importance of physical activity and have the space and resources to allow this to be realised.

We have two fully enclosed outdoor play areas to allow all the children to access physical development at all times.